GREAT DISCOUNT on ‘Living Food’ Evening! Dr. Brian Clement’d Lecture.

GREAT DISCOUNT on ‘Living Food’ Evening!

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Dear Health Seekers,


The Conscious Living Network has given me an opportunity to share with my valued clients a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of $15 off event tickets for their upcoming event!
(Regular tickets are $45 + GST + handling fee.)


On September 25th (next Thursday) at Astorino’s Ballroom in Vancouver,  Dr. Brian Clement, international speaker, well known author and Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute will be giving an evening lecture – “Living Food” which will inspire people to radically improve their health and detoxify their bodies.  This is an opportunity to learn about how food choices can transform your life.

You will learn about:


• Cleansing

• Juicing

• Sprouting

• The best foods to prevent disease

• How to increase energy


The evening runs from 5:00 PM – 10:00 pm on Sept. 25th, Thursday, and also includes:
* Bonus lecture: How to Grow Sprouts by the Vancouver Food Pedaler’s Cooperative
* $300 USD voucher towards a 3 week stay at the Hippocrates Health Institute
* Q+A & Book Signing after lecture

* Variety of vendors selling delicious raw vegan food.



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>> Use this promotional code:      Monika