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Crazy Peppers is a small, family operated business selling Certified Organic produce, local and seasonal whenever possible and/or imported from US or Mexico in the off season (winter).

We are proud to offer you a great selection of produce throughout the year. From case lot sales in the summer for peaches, apricots and cherries and other great local fruit, to smaller orders though-out the colder season. Buying case lots and volume allows you to save cost on great produce.


• In the colder months, we offer sales every 2 weeks. This offer ends May 28th, 2016 for the season. Please support our Local Farmers Markets during the growing season in BC, May – October usually. They have plenty of freshest local veggies for you. In the winter times, we will fill in the spot with imported produce.

• In the summer and early fall, we do a lot of case lot sales (CRAZY SUMMER CASE-LOT SALES) which happen every week or more often, depending on produce availability, harvest and delivery.

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All of our local BC produce for our Case Lot Sales comes straight from the farms. It does not have to endure long transport times, long storage or irradiation. It is orchard picked and delivered to us within a day or so. Many other non-caselot items are also local when seasonally available and of the same great quality.



We offer a great many items, whenever available, this is just a few examples:

> Vegetables:

• Avocados
• Tomatoes, Roma and Field
• Cucumbers, Field and English
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Celery
• Onions
• Garlic
• Lettuces
• Kale
• Chard
• other Greens
• Potatoes and Yams
• Mushrooms
• Carrots
• and many more…


> Fruit, some Oct – May, some seasonally:

• Apples, most popular varieties (BC and imported)
• Pears, most popular varieties (BC and imported)
• Melons (BC and imported)
• Citrus; oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mandarine oranges
• Grapes (BC and imported)
• Plums (BC when in season)
• Cherries (BC when in season)
• Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots (BC)
• Bananas
• and many more…



The best way find out about our sales is to subscribe to our mailing list. You always have a choice to unsubscribe. No questions asked.

So give it a try, I am sure you will be satisfied with the quality and savings and a satisfaction of buying local (in season).

Thank you,


Monika Serwa, owner at Crazy Peppers | Affordable Organic Produce




Monika Serwa Portrait

Monika Serwa










Yes, I want to get started!





(From Will and Christina, the original founders of Crazy Peppers)

Have you ever experienced a series of events that led to a brilliant idea?

Here’s how our journey began…

The story, From Will and Christina Anderson, founders:

Christina, my lovely wife, wanted to buy a large quantity of organic avocados to split with my brother who lives way up north. She searched around, found a good price and bought the avocados. When my brother left for home, he forgot to take his share so my family of four was left with 70 ripening avocados. (Holy Guacamole, Batman! Thanks, bro! 🙂

Christina called some friends about the avocados, who were thrilled to buy organic avocados at a great price! After the avocados were all spoken for, our friends called to ask if they could get more. Hmmm, more you say?

Thus, an idea was born.

We’ve always dreamt of only eating organic food, but with the exorbitant supermarket and online grocer pricing, organics were priced too richly for our budget. Many of our friends felt the same way.

However, if we had a large group of family and friends who would pool our resources for stronger buying power, we could order organics affordably and regularly. This is our way of meeting the health needs of our family and friends, but with the added bonus of great pricing!

With the help of our friends and their network of friends, we were able to start ordering cases of produce. Sometimes we ordered cases that were only half sold, praying that we would not have to eat 50 pounds of broccoli in a week! And other times, we were sold right out, with customers asking for more – a great problem to have.

Now, we want to offer this unique opportunity to everyone who wants to eat healthier.

We are starting small in our garage (Did you know Apple computers started from a garage?) to keep prices affordable for you. We know you’d appreciate the extra dollars staying in your pocket! Plus, a side benefit we appreciate is the weekly visits from friends and new friends, with smiles on their faces when they pick up their organic produce at Crazy Peppers.

How about you? Would you want healthy, organic produce at affordable pricing (oftentimes, lower than supermarket organic and non-organic prices)? It’s available to you today. Discover our organic produce selection and how we work, and if this is what you want, we’d love to begin serving you with your new organic produce orders.

~ Will Anderson, co-founder
Crazy Peppers Organics

Crazy Peppers has now been moved into the hands of Monika Serwa who has known and worked with Christina and Will Anderson since 2012.

Here are some photos of us (Andrson family), enjoying family time and the outdoors…