Favorite recipes, anyone?


Crazy Peppers - Abbotsford Organic Produce - Recipes anyone

A good morning shout-out to our Crazy Peppers family! One of the very common topics of conversation during our weekly organic produce pick up sessions with customers, is the generous (and passionate) sharing of each other’s recipes. It’s such a fabulous way for us to try new recipes and we’ve learned alot from our customers!

So we thought, why not share this with our network of friends and family? We’ll be posting our own recipes and those we’ve discovered from our customers on this website over the coming weeks. But we don’t remember all the yummy recipes you’ve shared with us, so we’re making an open call for you to send it to us 🙂

You can either post it in the comments below, or even send it us on our contact page.

Thanks in advance!! We look forward to sharing and exchanging more delicious recipes with you 🙂