Placing Orders Online


All Orders are to be placed ONLINE only.

Please place ALL orders online.

> Instructions for placing orders online (just as you would for other online shopping):

1. Go to the SHOP page on the website.
• On the SHOP page:
• either navigate through the products for the items you would like to purchase
• or select a sub-category from the SHOP menu such as ‘FRUIT’
2. Select your item(s)
3. Enter quantity needed
4. Click on the ADD TO CART button
• If finished, click the red VIEW CART button and you’ll be taken to the CART page
• If you are not finished yet, click on SHOP and continue shopping
5. Once fished shopping, Click the red VIEW CART button or the shopping cart icon at the top of page
6. On the CART page, click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button
7. Either fill in your Billing Details or sign in (you might need to create an account if you have not yet done so)
8.Below the Billing Details form, select the CHEQUE PAYMENT method to pay in person either by cheque or cash at pickup time
9. If you selected CHEQUE PAYMENT – Click the grey PLACE ORDER button to complete your order. Or select PROCEED TO PAYPAL if using PayPal.
10. ORDER CONFIRMATION by email.  If your order was placed successfully you will receive a notification by email confirming your order.

* Please DO NOT pre-write your cheques

** PayPal option is no longer available. Please use Electronic Money Transfer (EMT) or Direct Deposit (DD) Options. EMT’s can be send to: or

*** if pre-paying before pick up by EMT or DD cost will need to be adjusted on some items, see below under NOTICE.

**** All orders are pick up only, no delivery service at this time

This seems like a lot of steps…but it really is no different than any other online shopping experience except for the payment method option step…


If you have any questions please contact Monika at

>>> NOTICE: Please note that cost on items such as Broccoli, Cauliflower or Celery (but not limited to those items only) will need to be adjusted at pick up as I can not cut pieces off to make an even 1 or 2 or whatever amount of pounds you ordered and/ or paid for already. I don’t know how big or small the heads or bunches will be and they vary too in each box from one head/bunch to another.

Case lot sales would not usually need to be adjusted as the cases come pre-weighed. 


* Prices subject to change. In the unlikely event that my cost changes we might need to adjust the price on your item(s). This is however not very likely.


Please contact Monika if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Monika Serwa

Crazy Peppers  |  Affordable Organic Produce