We’re crazy.

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We're crazy. Well, not that kind of crazy. But Crazy Peppers, crazy...

When we were brainstorming for a name and brand, over some delicious peppers, not the hot kind, the sweet bell pepper kind, we wanted something that would represent our values, our future and a hint of our personalities.

Definitely not formal and stuffy.

Something memorable.

Easy to share with friends. That rolls off the tongue easily. Without having to spell it out every single time.

Whose domain name was available – a very important factor 😉

We had a bunch of crazy ideas from that session, and finally settled with “Crazy Peppers”! Now try saying that 10 times super fast… we double dare you 🙂

What is Crazy Peppers?

We’ve always dreamt of only eating organic food, but with the exorbitant supermarket and online grocer pricing, organics were priced too richly for our budget. Many of our friends felt the same way.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so by pooling our network of family and friends for stronger buying power, we were able to order organics affordably and regularly. This is our way of meeting the health needs of our family and friends, but with the added bonus of great pricing! With the help of our friends and their network of friends, we were able to start ordering cases of produce. So here we are… a bunch of crazy folks wanting great health for our families, offering affordable organic produce for sale to families in Abbotsford, BC.

Now, we want to offer this unique opportunity to everyone who wants to eat healthier.

We are starting small in our garage (Did you know Apple computers started from a garage?) to keep prices affordable for you. We know you’d appreciate the extra dollars staying in your pocket! Plus, a side benefit we appreciate is the weekly visits from friends and new friends, with smiles on their faces when they pick up their organic produce at Crazy Peppers.

How about you? Would you want healthy, organic produce at affordable pricing (oftentimes, lower than supermarket organic and non-organic prices)? It’s available to you today. Discover our organic produce selection and how we work, and if this is what you want, we’d love to begin serving you with your new organic produce orders.

~ Will Anderson, Co-Founder
Crazy Peppers Organics
(Monika Serwa, current owner)